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Download Windows 7 full version

Download Windows 7 full version

Download Windows 7 full versionyang is the most popular OS for PCs today, why not as many users are accustomed to using computers or PC activities, but with the windows OS that drives the dn into her life. There are many other OS but this time I want to share to you guys who want to download the operating system on this one.

If you do not want to download a full version of Windows 7 that I want to share this time, you can buy the original DVD windows 7 should provide funds on condition that I think is great to get it. Do not want a hypocrite as well because it can only use a pirated how else would. But do not worry there are many who use pirated Windows 7.Windows 7 is an OS
development a previous version of Windows XP, and has many features that you can use, even for a period that will soon be launching soon in the next version of the Windows 8, but this time I wanted to share the is used, can be seen below for some new features.Features of windows 7 :

Action Center, allowing us to set the alert or warning whatever Windows 7 may show, it is very useful to control UAC Messages that can not be permanently disabled

Aero Shake, Click and move the windows or Windows are open, then the other windows or programs that are behind'll automatically including Minimize

Aero Snap, drag one of the windows to one end desktop (top, left or right) then Windows is automatically going to resize.

Aero Peek, Move your mouse to the bottom right of the automatic windows or programs running will become transparent so you can see gadgets or icons on the desktop or can be by pressing the Windows key + Space

Aero Templates and Themes, a unique collection of themes for Windows 7. To access and install a hidden theme in Windows 7, just typing in the Search Programs and Files on Star Menu "C: \ Windows \ Globalization \ MCT" without the quotes, and adjust the C drive to the location of your Windows 7 installation. Here we can find a unique theme according to the location of the regions of Australia, Canada, England, to Africa.

Device Stage, its function is to facilitate us to see what devices are connected to a laptop or computer, such as bluetooth, camera, printer, up to flash or memory card.

Gadgets, has existed in Windows Vista but Windows 7 at this time there is no such thing as Sidebar, it means we can put Gadgets anywhere on your desktop.

Home Group, allows us to quickly and easily create a home network between two or more computers using Windows 7

Jump List, features interesting, right-click on a program icon in the Taskbar and you can see the list of files that were never opened by the program (recent files) that allows you to open a file.

Libraries, as the name here we can easily find, organize music files, other documents, image up to video.

Location Aware Printing, very useful especially if you frequently use your laptop to move where, for example at home, office or cafe. With the Location Aware Printing, Windows 7 will be given to a network printer being used, so that when you are in the Windows 7 will automatically use the default printer at home, when you switch to Office, Windows 7 will automatically remember printer in the office.

Play function, right click on the music files (songs) and then click Play

Windows Media Player 12, if you frequently play 3GP file format, do not worry about the Windows 7 you do not need to install a special program to play 3GP file, since WMP 12 has supported the file.

Windows Touch, if you have a touchscreen laptop and Windows 7 has supported the touchscreen feature.

Windows XP Mode, allows us to run sessions XP for programs that are not compatible with Windows 7

                                                 Download Windows 7


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